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When New Zealand was colonised by English settlers in the 1840’s, railways were already well established in many parts of the world. The first railway in Wellington ran from Pipitea Point in 1874 and was planned by the central government to be part of a main trunk railway stretching from Wellington to Auckland.

In December 1897 the final section of the Wairarapa line through to Woodville was opened and finally the government railways had their through railway to the Manawatu.

In 1955 the opening of the eight kilometre Rimutaka railway tunnel and the closing of the world renowned Rimutaka Incline dramatically changed the operation of the Wairarapa line and also the Pahiatua Railway Station. A new era of railway operation in New Zealand was beginning.

The 1950’s and 60’s were probably the busiest years for the Pahiatua railway station but by around 1980, railway freight and passenger traffic declined as roads and trucks improved. In March of 1988 the station was ‘demanned’ and for a time it looked like the station would be demolished, the railway yard ripped up and no trace of the once industrious area left.

In early 1991, two Pahiatua residents discussed the possibility of leasing an old Wairarapa railcar and forming a group to go about restoring it to a mainline standard. A meeting was held in February of 1992 and as a result, the Pahiatua Railcar Preservation Society was formed.

The Pahiatua Railcar Centre is run by the renamed Pahiatua Railcar Society Incorporated and situated at the Pahiatua Station, two kilometres west of the township. They are amongst a select group of railway museums that are fortunate enough to enjoy the privilege of having a railway station and mainline access. This DVD portrays the story of the Wairarapa railway line and Pahiatua Railway Station and some of the events occuring throughout the time since they were built.

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